About Boodla

How can we develop a sustainable city living in a changing world?

Boodla works innovatively to care for and develop cities’ green values. We started in 2012 with urban farming as a tool to create security in neighborhoods and spread knowledge about biodiversity, cultivation and sustainable food systems. Today, we have developed to work broadly with many new ideas on how to make available and activate green spaces in the city.

Our most common partners or customers are municipalities, real estate companies and housing companies.

We have both a limited company and a non-profit association that gets involved depending on what we or our partners want to develop. The important thing is to work together for a more sustainable world!

Researchers and students from Södertörn University have reviewed our projects and services to see what global goals they help to achieve.

In general, the answer is that Boodla contributes to achieving goal 2: Stop hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, as well as the promotion of sustainable agriculture and also goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities. Reading about each project, you can see which goal they specifically contribute to.


Our projects

Housing companies, municipalities and companies are turning to us because they want to help create sustainable cities. Often the concerns are about biodiversity, security, neighbour activation and knowledge improvement. Our services range from occasional lectures and workshops to multi-year engagements, depending on what is needed. Below is a gallery with examples of what we do. If you want to know more or have questions, please contact us via the form at the bottom of this site.

Right now at Boodla

Here we show what is happening in our gardens right now. We upload tips and tricks on how you can grow plants even without a garden. We also share our thoughts on local and international work on sustainability.