Vegetable suscription

Imagine having access to the healthiest vegetables, harvested the same day, and sold to you without intermediaries. Imagine that you can meet those who have grown what you are going to eat and bring your children and friends so that also they can experience the garden. What if all city dwellers had this opportunity

Growing for local consumption is part of our work to contribute to global goal 12.2, which will ensure we achieve sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources. We are working for it on several levels and this subscription is a concrete way to make it happen. We grow according to regenerative principles with the greatest consideration for soil, climate, and ecosystems.

When you subscribe, you support the development of sustainable food production. Your subscription allows us to plan exactly how much we grow and when we harvest. It may vary how much you get in the veggie bag from week to week depending on the weather. We will always aim to get you a good amount of food and you can be sure you will get the best possible quality.

We plan the season so that the subscribers get varied and exciting vegetables every week for approx. 20 weeks between June and October. You pick up your bag from us at Gula Villan in Alby on Thursdays after midday. We are on-site until 4 pm and after that, you can pick it up in our locked basement. A whole bag costs 5750 SEK for the whole season. You can also choose half a bag for 3150 SEK and then pick up a smaller bag every week.

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Feel free to share this info with others who might be interested. You can learn more about ​​vegetable subscriptions here: CSA.

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